“A Step Out of Phase” rolls on

My webcomic series, A Step Out of Phase, now celebrating four and a half years, is going strong. Volume Two: Allies is currently airing, with the second chapter starting today.

The current plan is to wrap up Volume Two, and roll on to Volume Three, where an entirely new story arc will begin. Who knows what might happen then?

If you’ve not started reading, here’s a brief look at Volumes One and Two:

Volume 1: Heroes and Villains introduces the main cast: a group of Robot Masters previously seen in the NES game Mega Man II. Metal Man, Crash Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, and Flash Man comprise a Task Force led by Super Mario, on a quest to track down and defeat one of Mario’s old enemies.

Volume Two: Allies sees the Task Force, no longer under Mario’s control, step out of hiding and returning to their quest. Roles of heroes and villains have been reversed, and new allies appear to help the Task Force complete their new mission.

Volume Three: Distant Shores follows on from the surprising conclusion of Volume Two. The world has changed, and the Task Force struggles to figure out what to do. Old allies and enemies meet up with new friends and foes as the past meets the future.

And that’s the webcomic so far. Check it out sometime, won’t you?


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