CIA: Cultdom in Audio show today

This afternoon sees another weekly CIA: Cultdom in Audio show over on TalkShoe.

Beginning at around 2PM EST, today’s show, episode number 96, is entitled “The Man Behind the Curtain”. Discussion will focus on special effects teams that made sci fi television and movies so visually striking.

As usual, we’ll be starting with a roundtable of news, mainly focusing on Doctor Who and its spin-offs, and any other sci fi news that is deemed noteworthy.

Following that, we’ll be working in what might become a new segment. Participants in the audio chat are invited to bring in a book to briefly discuss. This is a continuation of last week’s book topic.

If time permits at the end of today’s show, we’ll be wrapping up our feature on the recent Wizard Magazine pick of top 25 sci fi shows, where participants are invited to switch out three items on the list for shows of their choosing.

Be sure to tune in to CIA: Cultdom in Audio today at 2PM EST on TalkShoe. Show ID is 30659.

Edit: Show can be downloaded here.


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