Doctor Who roleplayers on Twitter

I’m an avid user of Twitter. You can find me here. Anyway, I mention this because of a group of people I follow on Twitter. These people roleplay characters from Doctor Who, but, more than that, there is a lot of interaction between the characters. Every day I can usually count on seeing at least a few of them chatting back and forth.

First on the list is TheLastDoctor. This was the first of these characters that I started following. I’m used to seeing him tweet “Hm…”.

Another character is Davros. He’s the creator of the Daleks, and here he always seems to hang around @__DalekCaan__ and @TheLastDoctor. A lot of randomness from him.

One I just mentioned, Dalek Caan, is also active on Twitter. Besides interacting with the characters I’ve already mentioned, this character interacts a lot with the next character on the list.

JennyTLSmith is yet another character I commonly see in these interactions. Additional characters are The8thDoctor, TARDIS, and MasterofWars.

I don’t know how many people are actually in charge of all of these characters, but they are a fun bunch to follow. They always seem to go on adventures, or just sit around and chatter.


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