BBC updates Doctor Who page’s main feature

Recently, the BBC have updated the main feature on the official Doctor Who site.

The new feature chronicles the various stories concerning Gallifrey, the Doctor’s home world, spanning the original series and the planet’s mentions in the new show.

One thing I immediately noticed was the rather nice edit of William Hartnell into the Time Lord robes. The Time Lord robes were first shown in the Fourth Doctor era (they may have been in The Three Doctors, but I can’t remember), so the First Doctor never wore the robes.

Anyway, there are some neat clips from classic and new Who on the feature.

Another reason why this is interesting has to do with a spoiler pic that went around the Interwebz a while back, thanks to Not revealing what the pic featured, but combine that with this Gallifrey feature on the site, and you have to wonder what’s coming up on David Tennant’s final episodes.

We’ll have to wait until November to start finding out, though.


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