The future of “Cultdom in Audio”

So there’s a live podcast over on TalkShoe that I’ve been a fan of for quite a while now. It is called CIA: Cultdom in Audio, and takes place Sunday afternoons starting at 2PM EST. CIA started off as a live podcast devoted to discussion of all things Doctor Who, but, as the list of participants for the show grew, so did the breadth of topics up for discussion. The original name of the show was CIA: Celestial Intervention Agency (a reference to Doctor Who), but eventually changed to what it is now after “new management” began to take over. As it is now, CIA is a show where any manner of sci-fi is discussed, ranging from Doctor Who to Star Trek, to Battlestar Galactica, and even movies and books.

But now a problem is facing CIA. The person who originally created the podcast, West Hubbard, has completely vanished from all involvement with the show. The show listing on TalkShoe is in his account, but thankfully the two guys currently in charge of the show, Ian Bisset and Dave Cooper, have access to West’s account. It is because they have access to West’s account that the show has been able to proceed, as one or the other schedules new shows and gets everything up and running at showtime. Ian and Dave are now all but officially in charge of CIA, and that is the cause of the problem.

CIA was West’s creation, and it was understood that he would manage the show. However, West has been completely absent from TalkShoe of recent months. The problem has persisted to the point that Ian and Dave have decided to set an ultimatum: either West shows up and maintains the show as he is supposed to, or Ian and Dave will create their own podcast on TalkShoe. The reason for this is quite simple: If West has indeed given up on CIA, Ian and Dave need to have the ability to modify and edit the running of the show as they see fit, since they would be in charge of it. In addition, there are associated websites for CIA that remain locked in West’s control, and neither Ian or Dave are able to access those. These sites include the Facebook page and others.

However, CIA remains in West’s control as far as account credentials are concerned, and Ian and Dave would not like to make changes to CIA in this situation. So that explains the reasoning. West’s deadline to return to CIA is late July, when CIA will run its 100th episode. If West is not back by then, Ian and Dave will set up a new show.

So it seems quite clear that a new show will be established. Ian and Dave have already taken precautionary steps, such as establishing a new Twitter account and a WordPress blog. The next step will be to establish a TalkShoe page once it is confirmed that West won’t return.

This isn’t to say that CIA is going anywhere. That show will remain where it is, with all 100 episodes still posted, on TalkShoe. Ian and Dave will simply be setting up a new show on TalkShoe, with scheduling still up for debate.

More on this as the story develops.


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