Doctor Who Magazine #410 Details

Doctor Who Magazine issue 410 will be one newsstands this coming Thursday. Wondering what will be in the issue? TARDIS Newsroom has the details:

* Who is Karen Gillan? – the Doctor’s new companion tells us how she’s getting ready for life in the TARDIS.
* Win Planet of the Dead on DVD.
* Fourth Dimension – The Watcher continues his guide of past Doctor’s, spotlighting the fourth.
* Back to the Hub – Torchwood returns for it’s third series, DWM prviews the new five part story ‘Children of Earth’
* Dosh, Dosh, Dosh – Is money the root of all evil, a look at how the pursuit of wealth has been the downfall of many a Doctor Who villain.
* Borad Games – The Fact of Fiction heads to Karfel and 19th century Scotland as 1985’s ‘Timelash’ comes under the spotlight.
* Magic and Mayhem – The Time Team look at Battlefield
* Plus – Part 3 of The Age of Ice, Production notes and all the latest news…

Is it just me, or has that picture of Karen Gillian been photoshopped? What follows is one of several publicity photos made available the day of the casting announcement. Looks like they’ve shooped on a green jacket, is all.

Notice the difference?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new issue of DWM.


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