The Great 2009 Doctor Who Nap Year Marathon

Back in January, I started participating in the Great 2009 Doctor Who Nap Year Marathon, over at Outpost Gallifrey’s Doctor Who Forum.

Just what is this marathon, you ask? Well, 2009 is a break year for [i]Doctor Who[/i], what with the episode at Easter, and the three episodes at the end of the year. There just aren’t that many new episodes. So why not take the opportunity to fill the void with classic Who? Enter the Great 2009 Doctor Who Nap Year Marathon.

Began on the 45th Anniversary of [i]Doctor Who[/i], on 23 November, 2008, participants in the full marathon watched [i]An Unearthly Child[/i], the first episode of [i]Doctor Who[/i]. Since then, participants have been watching the series in order, at a rate of about two episodes a day. By the time series five starts next year, and Matt Smith officially takes over the role of the Doctor, participants will have finished up series four of NuWho and watched all of the 2009 specials. Then we’ll be ready for the start of the Steven Moffat era of [i]Doctor Who[/i].

At this point, the Marathon is up to [i]The Brain of Morbius[/i], well into the Fourth Doctor era. I’ve been slacking off recently, and only just beginning [i]Terror of the Zygons[/i] (which is the start of Tom Baker’s second season as the Doctor). But I’m catching up.

I’ve also been watching classic Who from the beginning. The Second Doctor era was difficult to go through, as most of those stories are either entirely missing or have missing episodes. I watched reconstructions, which were stills from the episode set to the surviving episode audio.

Through this, I’ve finally been able to watch the Jon Pertwee era. He’s definitely an under-rated Doctor, as he was quite brilliant in the role. There were some great stories there, albeit some too-common Dalek and Master stories. But, overall, I really enjoyed Pertwee as the Doctor.

I’ve started writing up reviews on each story as I finish viewing them. In addition to posting them over at the Gallifrey Base Forum, I’ll be posting them here.


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