Remembering Lemmings

Recently, I came across a CD-ROM of a game that I hadn’t played in over a decade. In fact, the last time I had played it was back on an old Windows 95 computer my family used to have. Upon finding the game at a yard sale, I suddenly remembered how fun and addicting the game was.

I’m speaking of Lemmings, a game by Psygnosis. The game had a relatively simple purpose: in each stage you had to direct the numerous Lemmings from the stage’s entrance to the exit. To accomplish the task, you had a number of abilities you could bestow upon Lemmings in the crowd. Abilities ranged from digging through walls, to building ramps, to climbing over obstacles. Different stages had different obstacles, with sets of 30 stages grouped together in different difficulty settings.

So, I bought the game at that yard sale. The disc was in great condition, and they were only asking a quarter for it. Great price for a great find, as I see it. I got home, and the game worked well through Wine (for those who don’t know, I run Ubuntu Linux on my laptop).

Turns out the game is just as fun now as it was back then. You see, part of the fun was to go back to stages I’d already cleared and see what new ways I could kill Lemmings (same sadistic pleasure I get from seeing how I can kill Sims). What’s interesting about this is what projects the developers of this game went on to make. Psygnosis didn’t remain long as a developer, and the team went on to make other games under a different name. The name they adopted was RockStar and yes, they developed the Grand Theft Auto games.

Anyway, I love Lemmings. It’s such a simple game and, at the same time, fiendishly difficult to complete. I’ve never even beaten all of the stages on the highest difficulty setting.

This is definitely a forgotten gem from the age of DOS gaming, and still one of my favorite games from any platform.


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