RUMOR: Doctor Who Movie in the Works?

After Russell T. Davies enigmatic comment in Doctor Who Magazine 409 this month, Doctor Who fans are busy speculating what could be waiting to be revealed.

A common theory is that a feature-length film is in the works, with David Tennant taking the lead role. The only substantial evidence to back this theory up is the fact that an idea for a script is floating around the BBC offices. This hardly proves anything, as the script has not been approved and made into an official project.

A feature-length film that would be released by the end of the year does not seem likely. There has not been enough time, what with filming for Tennant’s last two episodes just concluding, for Tennant and others to appear in a movie. Add in all the time for postproduction on a full-length film, and a release by the end of this year seems even less likely.

So, just keep in mind that there is a script being worked on, although I don’t know how close of attention anyone is paying to this.


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