Week in Review (Digimon, Doctor Who, Vidya, and Webcomic)

Another week is drawing to a close, and I’ve got quite a bit to report, as far as latest viewings and reviewings are concerned.

First off, I’ve finally resumed watching Digimon: Data Squad, which is the fifth season of Digimon: Digital Monsters.

Some brief notes before I go into my review of the show thus far. Fans of Digimon know that each season of the show in Japan has gone by a different name. The original name for this season of the show was Digimon Savers, and I started watching this season about a year and a half ago, when it was new in Japan, and the English dub had yet to air. Anyway, I only made it to episode 10 before I lost track of the show with all the coursework and such going on.

Well, what can I say? It’s a new season of Digimon and, continuing the trend that’s been going on since season three, the story for this season has nothing to do with previous seasons. (Just to be clear, only the first two seasons were connected) This season, we’ve got an organization, called DATS dedicated to tracking down Digimon appearances in the real world, and defeating those Digimon. Anyway, I’m just glad that Agumon is back in the fore for this season.

The new Digivice for Digimon: Data Squad

But, you know what? Apparently, the channel that airs the English dub of Digimon: Data Squad really doesn’t want anyone to watch; they air it at 4:30AM. Why? Who would watch it at that time?

I’ve been watching this on my computer (and yes, I’m watching the English dub, simply because I can’t find the original online anywhere). The show definitely picks up speed around episode 10, when we meet Marukimon, and begin to learn about events that took place ten years ago.

I’m liking the digivolutions this season, especially Agumon’s new Ultimate form. Back in the first season, Agumon’s Ultimate form was MetalGreymon (his Mega form was WarGeymon, but I’ve yet to see Agumon’s new Mega form for this season). This season, Agumon’s new Ultimate form is RizeGreymon, which is a sleeker version of MetalGreymon (still with the ability to fly).

The story this season is really interesting. I’m still trying to piece together what happened in that expedition ten years ago that seems to have shaped everything that’s about to happen, but it’s fun trying to figure it all out.

So, moving on, there have been some developments in the world of Doctor Who this week. I’ll keep this spoiler-free, so I’ll just say that this past Wednesday was David Tennant’s final day of filming as the Doctor. I was quite saddened to realize that, but think of it like this: we’ve still got those three specials to look forward to at the end of the year, so it’s not all over just yet.

But there definitely has been a lot going on for filming of these last two specials, leaving me to wonder how they’ll manage to get it all together for when the episodes air. I’ve a feeling this last special will be as crowded as “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”.

Besides that, I’ve been getting back to playing through video games that I’ve been letting slide. This includes such games as Pokemon Platinum Version (I finally caught Rotom last night, and realized I was too late to download the Secret Key), Super Mario Galaxy (I now have 103 Stars on that game), and some games on Virtual Console (including Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and Kirby’s Dream Course).

Now, there’s something about Pokemon: Platinum Version that strikes me as odd. On the back of the game package, there’s a screenshot that shows the main character in what appears to be a Piplup boat. Now, I’ve “beaten” Platinum (meaning I’ve beaten the Elite Four and seen the end credits), and battled around in the Battle Frontier, but I’ve yet to actually see that Piplup boat in the game. Of course, I’ve yet to enter the Pal Park, since I still haven’t gotten the National Dex, so it may be there.

Have you seen this boat in-game?

As I mentioned, I’ve also been playing Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve already beaten the game’s final boss fight, now I’m just collecting all the stars. Of the game’s total stars, I have 103 collected. I’m still trying to clear the Daredevil Comet challenge on the Boo’s Boneyard Galaxy stage, but I’m finding that star to be incredibly frustrating to obtain. You see, for that challenge, you have 1HP on your damage meter, and you have to defeat the boss in that condition. It’s very difficult, and a lot of walkthroughs I’ve read agree that it’s among the most difficult stars in the game to obtain.

It’s like that, but with only 1HP

This week saw the release of the 300th game on the Wii’s Virtual Console. To mark the occasion, Nintendo finally released The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on Virtual Console. Available for 1,000 Wii Points, the game is there if you never got to play it on the N64….or if you never got the Zelda: Collector’s Edition disc on GCN…and you want to play it. I’m not going to download it, as I have both the original game cartridge on N64 and the GCN Collector’s Edition disc.

Three days to stop the moon. Are you the one?

This past Monday morning, when I checked the VC updates and saw that this game was now available, I was reminded of that late October morning back in 2000. I had been saving up my allowance for a few months in anticipation of the release of Majora’s Mask, and when the day finally came, I gave my mom the pre-order card and my saved-up money, and got on the bus for school. That day was a blur, as I was eager to get home and play the game. It was a new Zelda, and it was looking to be a spectacular game. I finally got home that afternoon and picked up the game box, reading the back. I then opened the packaging and put the cartridge in my N64, and started playing.

The game was so surreal, and drastically different from any Zelda that had come before (and any Zelda that has been released since). There was an obvious dark tone to the game’s story, and it felt more like a science-fiction adventure as opposed to the classical fantasy quest we’ve come to expect from previous Zelda games (specifically, Ocarina of Time). As I played through the first three-day cycle as the Deku Shrub, I could already tell this game was going to be great. That feeling did not let up as I completed the four dungeons, went on to collect all the masks and complete the sidequests, and beat Majora’s Mask at the end of the game.

To this day, Majora’s Mask remains in my Top Three selection of The Legend of Zelda games. There has never been another Zelda game like it, and that says a lot. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that there weren’t enough dungeons in the game, but the real focus of the game is on the sidequests, and it is through this that the world of Termina really comes to life like Hyrule never had. All the residents of Clock Town had a backstory, it seemed, and you really came to know their quirks as you completed all the sidequests.

Now that Majora’s Mask is available on Wii’s Virtual Console, you really should go play it if you never have. I’m definitely adding this to my list of “Must Download” games on Virtual Console.

I’ve resumed work on my webcomic series, A Step Out of Phase. I’m now working on concluding Volume One, but there is a lot of story remaining to be told. First I need to bring Black Mage, White Mage, and Fighter to the boss fights at the end of their journeys through the worlds they’ve ended up in. Along the way, each of the three will meet up with one of the Robot Master main characters, and team up with them on their quest. Once they’ve cleared their quests, they will reunite with the realization of who is behind all the dimension-hopping they’ve done (hint: It’s Mario), and the big “final battle” will begin, with the last two Robot Masters joining in the fight.

Once done, Volume One will essentially be over, and I can start Volume Two.

This coming Monday is Towel Day. Don’t know what that is? Well, I don’t hear a lot of talk about this here in the States (mainly because this Monday is also Memorial Day). But if you don’t know, Towel Day is a day for Douglas Adams fans to celebrate the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books by carrying a towel with them through the day.

Dave AC is ready for Towel Day!

This Sunday on the CIA (Cultdom in Audio) podcast, we’ll be discussing Towel Day, as well as everything H2G2. You can join in the conversation this Sunday afternoon at 2PM EST on the TalkShoe website. CIA TalkShoe ID is 30659 (lulz, I’ve heard Dave mention that so often that I no longer need to consult the website to see if I’ve got the TalkShoe ID correct. His mentioning of the TalkShoe ID reminds me of John Dvorak’s plugging of his blog on TWiT).

Anyway, CIA is a rather awesome podcast that you should definitely check out, if you’ve got an interest in anything Sci-Fi. It’s a live, open dicussion. All you’ve got to do is call in.

Oh yeah, just remembered. Earlier this week, I checked out I am America (And So Can You!), by Stephen Colbert (okay, so it was actually written by the entire writing staff for The Colbert Report, but the book is attributed to Colbert). It’s a hilarious book, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually start reading it. I have America: The Book, written by The Daily Show staff, and Colbert’s book is just as funny as that (especially considering that this is essentially The Colbert Report‘s response to that book).

“A great read! I laughed, I cried. I lost 15 pounds! I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” –Stephen Colbert

So that’ll about do it for this blog entry. As for this weekend, I plan on watching some more classic Doctor Who (I’m loosely following along with the 2009 Nap Year Marathon, by watching classic stories roughly in order), as well as continuing to watch Digimon: Data Squad.

If you join in CIA this Sunday, you’ll find me in the text chat. Sadly, I have been a complete failure at figuring out how to get an audio setup in Ubuntu Linux that will allow me to call in to TalkShoe and, therefore, join in the audio discussion on CIA. As things stand now, Skype won’t even work. Every time I try to make a call, all I get is “Problem with Audio Capture”. I’ve tried everything that either I can think of or that which I can find online, and still haven’t solved the problem.

Anyway, catch you later!


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